What to look for when checking ID


There are fake ID cards (faszywy dowód osobisty) in circulation. When digital means of identification are involved, it will be easy to separate the fake from the original. Those that are caught with fake drivers’ licenses will face embarrassment and possible prosecution under the laws that govern traffic regulations anywhere in the world.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse for prosecution anywhere in the world. We shall be taking a look at measures that are applied to separate the fake from the genuine license by the experts. It is therefore mandatory to ensure that you have an original driver’s license. This can be achieved when you partner with the professionals that have proven their worth over the years in the issuance of ID. They use smart technology that will make sure all the details required in genuine licenses are included in any ID issued by them.

For people that are under 25 and come to licensed premises, measures will be taken to check the ID of the person. The following are measures that are taken by the regulatory authorities to ensure any fake license does not escape their lens.

  • The patrons will be asked to remove the ID from purses or wallets in order to carry out a naked inspection of the status of the ID.
  • The ID will be taken to a well-lit area where any alterations that appear in it will be thoroughly examined under very clear lighting. Where issues are detected, suspension of the ID will follow, with dire consequences for the offender.
  • The expert will feel around the photo, birth date, and the edges of the card. The cards that are enclosed in plastic will go through stringent measures in order to separate the genuine from the fake. When anything unusual is detected here, it is a sign that the card has been tampered with.
  • The experts will not forget to check for any smudges as well as possible blurring on the typed date of birth. The birth date will be checked to confirm that the holder is actually above the age of 18.
  • A closer look at the photograph will be undertaken. If it fails to match that of the person standing before the official, issues will come up.
  • The color of the eye and height of the holder indicated on the ID will be cross-checked with the physical appearance of the holder. Any discrepancy observed here will lead to the rejection of the ID.
  • There are built-in security features for each ID card. This will not escape the eagle eyes of the officers in charge.
  • Your personal details will also be verified. You will be asked to state some of the details that are included in your data. Everything must match. Anything less than that will be rejected.

There are series of tests that will come up in the process of determining that the license that is been paraded by the holder is genuine. Every measure should be put in place to ensure that you are not with a fake driving license (fałszyweprawojazdy).

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