What are leather shoulder holsters?


A holster is a type of gun-holder in which a firearm is attached to the outside of the person’s body. The holster attaches to the person’s belt or other garments.

The holster is available in different styles, with different types of access and retention systems, and with a variety of holsters for different firearms. Holsters are available as either an integral part of a firearm or as a holster that is separate from the firearm and used in conjunction with the firearm to provide additional retention. Many holsters are designed in such a way that they can be easily attached and removed from firearms, and in some cases, the firearm can become integrated into the holster.

Holsters are used for a variety of reasons, including the protection of the weapon itself, the protection of the holster wearer from injury, the protection of the wearer from the weapon’s discharge, and the protection of the weapon and the wearer from theft.

This article takes you through one of the popular types of holsters- leather shoulder holsters.

What is a leather shoulder holster?

  • Leather shoulder holsters are worn on the chest, which is connected to a leather strap that goes over one’s shoulder. It provides greater mobility and is worn instead of a traditional belt holster when a greater degree of protection is needed.
  • A shoulder holster allows for a firearm to be easily retrieved and can be worn under a jacket or sweater. A shoulder holster is typically worn by law enforcement officers, security guards, and the military.
  • While shoulder holsters are more common with semi-automatic and autoloading pistols, some revolvers are available with shoulder-ready designs. A shoulder holster is generally considered a more secure method of carrying than a hip holster.
  • Leather shoulder holsters do not allow for quick deployment of a firearm, and thus, is not the preferred choice for quick encounters. However, a shoulder holster is a convenient option when time is of the essence.
  • A shoulder holster is typically worn under a jacket over a shirt and is worn on the upper outside of the shoulder. A shoulder holster is often worn with a shoulder harness or strap that holds the holster securely in place. Some shoulder holsters can be worn with other clothing, but for most shoulder holsters, the holster must be worn over a shirt.
  • Leather shoulder holsters are worn on top of a belt with the gun pointing downward. They are often carried with holsters on both shoulders to provide a more secure carrying option.
  • The material for a holster is often chosen because of its strength and function, as well as the weight and cost. Modern leather shoulder holsters provide excellent protection for the weapon and are usually made of strong, durable leather.
  • The leather shoulder holster is the most durable of all holster styles and they are available in different sizes. Leather shoulder holsters are a practical way to carry a revolver. They are also a very comfortable and reliable carrying way.

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