How to Prepare For Class 12 Board Exams


CBSE Class 12 board exam is one of the turning points in one’s life. As this is the crucial step towards the start of a new journey to enter into your dream college, here are few tips on how to top your board exams by referring NCERT books. NCERT should be your top priority as a study material which is one of the basic materials to start with.

Tips to prepare for Class 12 Maths Board Exam

  • Planning- Firstly plan on which books to use as a reference. We can start with NCERT Class 12 Maths textbook as it provides essential basic preparation material.
  • As the slogan says, practice makes a man perfect, practicing NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths yields good marks.
  • The solutions are provided in step by step manner which helps you in better understanding of the concepts and you can easily remember the steps.
  • Keep note of formulas, theorems, derivations for regular revision.
  • Practicing more number of times helps in building up time management skills and boosts your confidence level.
  • Take up mock tests after each chapter is done.
  • Try solving previous year question papers, this is another method of gaining that extra edge of Class 12 board exam preparation.
  • Previous year question papers help you know the difficulty level of questions that appear in the board exam.
  • Make a note of general mistakes that are done so that it can be avoided in the near future.
  • For brushing up the concepts, you can also go through NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths as well.
  • If you wish to secure an excellent score, then solving the ncert class 12 Solutions is an utmost necessity.
  • Important points should be jotted down so that it becomes easier for revision.

Benefits of Using NCERT Textbook

  • Students can easily access the solutions for each exercise from the chapters available.
  • The solutions also provide graphs and illustrations that help to understand the concepts clearly.
  • Students can assess their knowledge gap with the help of these books and study accordingly.
  • Simple and easily understandable solutions are provided.
  • Students get detailed study material about class 12 math.
  • Complex topics are explained in a very easily and understandable manner which provides in-depth knowledge.
  • Wide variety of questions are provided to solve.
  • NCERT books focus on every single topic present in the chapter.
  • CBSE board asks questions mainly from ncert textbook alone.

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