Benefits of Progressive Spectacles –– Should You Upgrade?


As people enter their late 30s or mid-40s, they start to experience a problem with their vision. Presbyopia could mean needing bifocals or trifocals but as technology advances, people prefer comfortable spectacles which do not form a distortion in the vision. Both bifocals and trifocals have a visible line that separates lenses in one spectacle frame.

However, not many people prefer this visible line as it feels old and gives an unpleasant distortion in vision while shifting from the two lenses. Most prefer a gradual shift in the vision to see far, intermediate and near objects clearer. Such lenses are called progressive lenses. Doctors prescribe progressive spectacles as it’s the latest technology for people with multiple vision problems.

Multiple vision problems do not just arise in people entering their late 30s but also in younger children. Therefore, progressive spectacles are gaining more popularity these days for its gradual transition of lens strengths.

Black Cateye Style Metal Frame - Progressive 4K

What are progressive spectacles?

A person can have multiple vision problems such as farsightedness, near-sightedness, astigmatism (blurry vision), etc. But it is practically a waste of time to swap between your spectacles every time you’re reading or watching something. Therefore, people buy specs online that are bifocal or trifocal depending on their vision issues.

What are progressive spectacles? To put it simply, these spectacles let you see properly at multiple distances without the visible ‘line’ that is present in bifocal or trifocal spectacles. These spectacles appear just like your regular single-power glasses.

Progressive spectacles are multifocal lenses designed for people to see distant and close up objects. As you turn 40, you may have difficulty focusing on nearby objects. This condition is known as presbyopia.

How do progressive spectacles work?

Progressive spectacles are a convenient option for age-related vision problems.

  • The upper part of the lens enables clear vision at a distance.
  • The lower-most part helps you see close-up objects.
  • The middle part makes the intermediate/middle distances clearer.

Black Wayfarer Style Acetate Frame - Progressive 4K

Benefits of Progressive Spectacles

  • Use of one frame for multiple vision problems

Progressive spectacles let you use one best spectacle frame for multiple powers. It means that no need to carry another pair for reading purposes as one frame does all the work. That is good news for people having presbyopia as they can have multiple lens strengths packed into one pair of spectacles.

  • No visible line on the lenses

Many people prefer no-line spectacles. The difference in lens strength is prominent in bifocal and trifocal glasses so people opt for progressive glasses for a single-power look. Progressive glasses offer the same change in lens strengths but without any visible line.

  • Fewer chances of eye fatigue

As much as bifocal and trifocal glasses are easy to adjust, most people find it extremely hard to get used to them. One major disadvantage of using these glasses is eye fatigue. The abrupt change in the lens strengths may lead to eye fatigue and deterioration of vision. Progressive spectacles provide a more comfortable experience.

  • No sudden change in visions

Progressive spectacles have a gradual transition of lens strengths so there’s no abrupt change in vision as experienced while using bifocal or trifocal glasses. Because of this gradual transition, progressive lenses are easier to adapt to as they give out a natural shift just like your prescription glasses.

  • Smooth and comfortable wear

Unlike bifocals and trifocals that give an abrupt change in focus, progressive spectacles are smooth and comfortable to wear as they allow smoother movements of the eyes that give a natural and calmer visual experience.

  • Modern-day, youthful appearance

The visible bifocal line might make you look older than your actual age as these glasses are associated with older people. By wearing progressive glasses that do not have any visible line, your spectacles look as though they’re single-powered. Besides, if you buy specs online where you find stylish, youthful frames then nothing like it.

  • Correction of astigmatism (blurry vision)

Progressive spectacles not only correct the near and far visions but also correct astigmatism. This condition is when you have blurred vision as the cornea has an irregular shape and is difficult for the light to focus evenly.

Brown Cat Eye Acetate Frame - Progressive Standard

Progressive lenses do have a learning curve and you might take time to adjust to this advanced frame. Try wearing your spectacles as frequently as possible and practice moving your head to look at things rather than moving your eyeballs for faraway and intermediate objects. Please note that it is exactly the opposite when it comes to reading. While reading, move your eyeballs and not your head for a smooth, comfortable experience.

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