Types of online สล็อต


If you’ve recently discovered online สล็อต and are looking to try them out because of their extremely straightforward gameplay, high pay-out rates and eye catchy interface, then knowledge of the different types of online slots is absolutely necessary. An in-depth knowledge of various types of online slots will help you in figuring out what type of online slot machine best suits your needs and your bankroll. (Yes, bankroll management is almost a necessity when it comes to online gambling)

Now, before we begin, for anyone who is not familiar with the term slot machine- it is a gambling machine, wherein you put a coin, pull a handle, activate the spinning of reels (these reels have symbols on them) and pray for the symbols to line up. If they do line up, you win. This whole process is quite similar when it comes to online สล็อต, but instead of pulling handles, you just have to tap on a button and deposits and withdrawals (in case of a win) take place online.

Here are the different types of online สล็อต

  1. Three-reel slots aka Classic slots.

Three reel slots are single slot games which is why they are also nicknamed as one armed bandits. These are probably the easiest type of slots, easy to learn and even easier to play, which makes them beginner friendly. In classic slots, a player wins if three similar symbols line up. But, these slots have a drawback. Since there are only three reels, this reduces the possible combinations and permutations. Also, these type of slots are slightly volatile i.e. you either win big jackpots or you’ll deplete your bankroll pretty quickly.  The bright side is that online classic slots have much higher pay-out rates as compared to their traditional counterparts.

  1. Five-reel slots aka Video slots.

These are the most popular slots out there. There is an >60% chance that you must’ve discovered สล็อตthrough the five reel slots. Ideally, these were the slots that were supposed to be online slots because unlike classic slots, which involved pulling a handle to activate reels, these had a screen and the player just had to press a button. These type of slots have a lot of possible combinations and more paylines. You have better odds of winning a five-reel slot.

  1. Six/Seven-reel slots.

These slots follow a similar grid structure as the five-reel slots i.e. 6×3 and 7×4. Since, there are more reels, you can get more and more combinations and this will enhance your chances of winning.

  1. Progressive slots.

In a progressive slot, every time a player makes a bet, he or she is contributing to the jackpot i.e. the winning amount is taken from the players playing the game. But, larger the jackpot, lower are your chances of winning. Also, in these type of slots you have to bet a huge sum of money in order to qualify for the jackpot. These slots are very risky.

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