Four Ways You Can Make Your Bathroom Mobility Friendly


As we age we often find that everyday simple things, like sitting and rising from the commode, entering and exiting the shower, and going up and down stairs now feel like hard work, and may even be dangerous!  It’s unfortunate, but there are ways we can minimize the difficulties and maintain our mobility. Let’s take a look at how we can improve our homes to compensate for the changes life has brought us, so we can enjoy our golden years in comfort and safety!

  • Stairlifts – In many homes and flats the bathroom is located above the ground floor, and only reachable by a difficult-to-climb stairway. Imagine the comfort and convenience of being able to sit down comfortably and ride a rail to your first or second floor. If that sounds good to you just contact stairlift services in Lichfield and they will take care of everything.
  • Bathtubs – Relaxing in a hot bath is wonderful, but not if getting in and out has become a risky proposition. A bathtub transfer bench makes getting in easy, and convenient handrails help you get out again safely.
  • Toilets – Improve your standard toilet by adding an elevated seat. Place a medical alert button nearby so you can call for assistance if needed, and install sturdy handrails.
  • Flooring – Those old tiles can be slippery when wet, laying down non-slip rubber mats can save you from a bad fall.

Make your bathroom a safe and pleasant place to be!

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