Experienced and the Best Stonemasons in Melbourne


It must be difficult to find and sort the best stonemason for the making of memorial headstones or full monuments or if you want it in granite headstone and bases, anything related to the stonework. Finding the perfect and most importantly an experienced one is difficult but in this article, you will read about one of the best stonemasons in Melbourne who are present for more than a century now and have done the best job over the years.

They have worked on some of the best projects in the city including the MCG Olympic panels and Melbourne’s shrine of remembrance. They have a team of skilled members who are quite efficient in their work and their work includes the making of memorial plaques and inscriptions and even pet memorials.

A little about them and who they are-

These guys about whose work it is about are none other than the lodge bros stonemasons who have been the market leaders in this supply and manufacturing of natural stone memorial plaques and headstones Melbourne since the year 1918, as mentioned above it has been more than a century now.

Their clients range over the years has expanded from city council to universities to even cathedrals now. Currently, they are present in Whittlesea and Thornbury both in VIC. Also, they are committed to providing the best and quality work through Melbourne as well as in Australia.

They use the finest materials available in the market as well as a promise to deliver the best and highest standard of work in terms of quality.

Services that they offer in each category-

  1. Accessories
  • As for the accessories, they offer Candlebox, lanterns, solar light, vase, statues, signage and plaques, bronze cross, etc.
  1. Monuments
  • But for monuments, they have double, full, and triple monuments.
  1. Bases and Headstones
  • Marble, angel, custom, tombstone, rock, images, granite, children, and natural stone lastly, a double headstone.
  1. Building works
  • It includes feature stonework, war memorials, churches, sporting arena, and renovations and restorations.

Lastly, some other services include inscriptions and pet memorials.

How do contact them?

They have a website where one can easily find all the details under the section, contact us. Once you click on that section first, you will find two addresses of both of their offices where you can go by yourself and see and consult their experienced team and finalize what you want for yourself regarding the headstones and memorial plaques.

After the address, they have also provided two phone numbers through which you can contact them and have a talk before you visit and you will be more confident about what you want.

Lastly, they also have an email id mentioned right below the phone numbers so you can mail them about your requirements in the form of videos and photos and then consult with them over the call or a store visit and voila get that personalized headstones Melbourne, plaques or accessories made.

Hope this information would help you as a guide and also help you in making the right decision. But it’s always good to consult them personally before you conclude.

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