Chatbot Marketing: The Smart and Safe Way To Improve Your Business


We can all agree that chatbots became an essential part of customer support as well as digital communication across mobile app interfaces, social media and official websites.

That is the main reason why most marketers are starting to implement them as a strategic and promotional perspective with an idea to get fast-paced, effortless and customer-centric communication.

Since the popularity is increasing rapidly, the sooner you embrace them, the faster you will be able to improve customer support and increase the number of leads through the Facebook Messenger app.

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We expect that in the future, chatbots will play a crucial role in marketing as well as customer support. Let us see what you should know about them before you make up your mind.

What Is Chatbot?

In general, chatbots are computer-generated robots that can communicate with others by using already pre-determined answers as well as the possibility to learn, expand knowledge, and to make more troubleshooting more personal and practical.

You should have in mind that people prefer tones that are more conversational when it comes to marketing messages, mainly since the traditional forms use only one-way, which is not efficient anymore.

At the same time, in the world of e-commerce, conversations are something that can mean a difference between lead and customer.

More than half of consumers for almost any industry niche know how to access customer service through social media platforms, which is a more efficient and faster way to troubleshoot or ask something compared with formal emails in which you have to wait for an answer.

Since they are not cold and impersonal in conversations, they became widely recognized and popular among customers, especially since they can get faster solutions and answers based on question criteria.

Finally, we can expect that throughout 2020, more than 70% of customer interaction will be used by bots and without human agents.

Of course, the human factor is still important, but you can use your team for handling severe and challenging issues, while bots can instruct your potential customers when it comes to frequently asked questions.

How to Increase Sales by Using Chatbots

You probably already know that overall marketing is changing its format, so today, it is more efficient and affordable to use digital perspective instead of traditional channels.

The main reasons for that are due to the ability to automate marketing tasks and streamline strategy based on your preferences and goals.

Therefore, businesses should implement smartbots or AI-powered chatbots that are highly effective and useful when it comes to conversational marketing.

At the same time, they can also initiate personal conversation, get precise feedback, and use it to conduct market research. We will present you the most effective ways marketers are using chatbots to drive conversions, increase sales and boost overall engagement:

1.   Automation of Personalized Content

As soon as you implement AI-powered chatbot, you will be able to get additional insights apart from the relevant conversation.

For instance, most of them can analyze consumer information, preferences, as well as patterns of behavior that will provide you insights on how to improve strategy in the end.

As soon as the customer starts to interact with them, the bot will recommend content based on a previous communication, current buying trends, purchase history as well as other factors that are unique for that particular individual, which will ultimately drive better traction and engagement.

2.   Engaging and Communicating

We have mentioned above that the main reason why people implement them in the first place is to improve overall communication while reducing in-house expanses for human agents.

Therefore, their primary role is to engage and communicate with the website traffic and to help convert them into customers.

Remember that chatbot conversations can reduce the chances of leaving customer questions and queries unanswered, which may happen with human agents due to a high number of questions.

Since people do not have time to lose, and they are much more restless and impatient when compared with past times, so if you cannot answer them now of query, you are risking losing them forever.

3.   Research and Analysis

Apart from the idea that you can use them for generating leads through conversations, these bots are also efficient because they will memorize data from customers, and conduct analysis based on the queries and current trends.

You probably know that market analysis is the most crucial factor that will help you create a valid promotional strategy that will help you reach more people than before. However, the process is daunting, overwhelming and it can take lots of time.

This is where chatbots are perfect and effective because through conversations, they will be able to create understanding about current trends, which will help you improve future strategies.

4.   Sales Funnel

Finally, you should know that you could use them for creating successful sales funnel similarly as official websites back in the day.

This particular possibility will allow you to avoid email marketing and other unsuccessful and expensive forms, and you can still improve the number of sales as time goes by.

Their main goal is to communicate with users; however, by doing so, they are paving a road that will produce relevant customer satisfaction by giving them fast and efficient information.

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Therefore, based on research and analysis, you can get relevant customer insights, and by implementing them, you will improve engagement and share products and content based on their needs and preferences.

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