Accessories every Digital Device Owner Can Get Behind


If you have a tablet, laptop, or smartphone, you should really read this article to keep them safe.

Every person in the developed world has a phone. Whether it be landline or telephone box, mobile or Skype in the local library: we all have access to a phone. Most of us have laptops and iPads, computers, tablets, and other digital devices around the house. How many of us have those items insured?

Don’t panic. We’re not here to sell you insurance. Instead, we are here to tip you off on a few different accessories that can help prevent the need for insurance. If you keep your devices protected, damages will become a thing of the past.

Here’s a few items to keep at home if you want to protect your device.

Device Protection Accessories We All Need

There are hundreds of mobile and tablet protection devices out there. Let’s talk about the accessories that help your digital devices stay put.

Get Some Sugru

As far as device protection devices go, Sugru has multiple uses. This moldable rubber can be placed around the corners of devices to ensure rubber protection and prevent cracks. Better yet though, if it does crack, there is a clear Sugru glue that can be used to hold the screen together without you having to replace it.

It’s not just screen damage, either. Sugru can protect the plastic parts of damaged devices, too. So if you do happen to smash the Xbox controller off the wall and crack it, Sugru will put it back together again. Pretty nifty for a rubber glue.

Always use a Screen Protector

The next step to securing your device against damage is to put a screen protector on it. We always use these for our phones, but we forget to use it for our tablets or laptops. Pick up a pack of protectors and secure that fragile glass. Reinforcing it with extra strength can stop it taking a hit, but it will also hold it together if it does take damage.

Invest in a Cover

Whether it be a flashy new iPhone or a third-hand Android, get that phone/tablet/laptop inside a cover when not in use. Phone covers can stop any damage when your phone is dropped. It can save you the cost of a whole new device and should be your first stop after you buy a new device.

Phone covers can be doubly handy than they already are. All you need is one that doubles as a solar charging port. These are bulky yet handy and can save you in a pinch. Most can be pre-charged so that they won’t run out of battery on you during important trips.

You Don’t Need Insurance

There you have it: three items that will keep your devices safe from harm. These accessories prove that you don’t need insurance for devices in the first place. That being said, you are always better safe than sorry if you have an expensive product.

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